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2019-08-06The SSL/TLS certificate for the address was renewed at 11:15 am. If the encrypted access to no longer works please change to

2018-06-19Swisscom will definitively discontinue fixed-network SMS and all associated functions (Text to Speech) as of midnight on 30.06.2018. It will no longer be possible to send SMS to landline numbers.

2016-09-28All numeric originators (e.g. "+43667...") to Austrian networks are replaced by the alphanumeric originator "SMS". This means that the recipients cannot directly answer to the received SMS.
If an alphanumeric originator (e.g. "Token") is used, nothing changes. SMS with such an originator are sent to the destination networks unaltered like until now.

2016-03-09Severe disturbance at Vodafone all over Germany.

2015-04-23The Swiss mobile network operator Orange is named Salt. since the end of April 2015.

2013-04-11ASPSMS has added a great number of additional countries and new networks. Please go and check the countries of your interest.

2009-02-02Because of a configuration issue on our distributed transaction infrastructure, it was possible, that some short messages, sent to 004178 Orange Switzerland mobile numbers during the time period from 23.01. to 02.02.2009 might not have been properly delivered. The problem is solved in the meantime.

2007-04-26The operator KUWAIT - MTCNet Kuwait is not available for the moment.

2007-03-06We like to inform you, that the route to the operator Etihad Etisalat, Saudi Arabia is again available for SMS traffic.
2007-01-31 Because of a serious SPAM case the route to the operator Etisalat, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES has been closed down for undefined time. We are NOT able to tell you at the moment if and when the route to the operator will be open for SMS traffic again.

2006-02-23Roaming to Etihad Etisalat, Saudi Arabia.

2005-02-09Roaming to several new networks opened. Please have a look to our Supported Networks list and our new updated price table.

2004-03-20We experienced problems with our leased line. It was difficult to reach our services for several ours. Possible causes are interruption of the fibre glas of a backbone provider or general routing problems.

2003-11-26Problems with Saudi Telecom solved.

2003-11-24Problems Saudi Telecom - It seems that there are some problems regarding sending to the network Saudi Telecom. At the moment, the network returns the Reasoncode '118' (System Fail) for all messages. Please note that this failure has nothing to do with our system, on our side, everything runs fine. We have seen this reasoncode (118) already in conjunction with the following problems:
  • Overloaded and congested networks
  • Damaged network components, causing failures restricted to certain areas
  • Blocked networks because of Spam
  • Warlike events
  • General signalling problems on the underlying network layer

  • At the moment, we can't determine when the situation gets better, but we will inform you on this website as soon as we have more specific information.

    2002-11-11Roaming to several new networks opened. Please have a look to our Supported Networks list and our new updated price table.

    2002-08Roaming to United Kingdom - Orange is now possible.

    2001-07Roaming to Austrian Mobile Providers reopened

    2001-05-04Roaming to Austrian Mobile Providers temporary cancelled

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