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3rd-Party Solutions

You will find here several applications based on the ASPSMS component. Feel free to send us information about your own programs which are based on the ASPSMS component.

Automation - aspsms App in Zapier Automation - aspsms App in Zapier
With Zapier, over 6,000 web applications can be integrated into a workflow to automate your work. An SMS can be sent directly for desired events.
Google (Mail, Doc, Sheet, Calendar), Slack, ChatGPT, PayPal and many more
SMS BlasterSMS Blaster for Windows V1.41
SMS Blaster is freeware. The features are: Text SMS with a maximum of 160 characters, picture messages, multiple SMS, alphanummeric originator and more. The Visual Basic source code is included!
smsblaster.comSMSBLASTER.COM web edition
This solution is intended for users who don't want to install software on their own computer. They want just have fast access and delivery of their SMS through a browser.
ZaWin by Martin Engineering AG Dental Software ZaWin by MARTIN Engineering AG
Dental offices send appointment reminders and arrangements for over ten years through ASPSMS.
PHP Class for ASPSMS SOAP WebservicePHP Class for the ASPSMS SOAP Webservice
Very easy to use sms sending class for the ASPSMS gateway.
Node.js interface to ASPSMS
Easy text message sending with Node.js.
Barracuda SSL-VPN ApplianceBarracuda SSL-VPN Appliance
2-Factor authentification via E-Mail to SMS.
SMS touch for ASPSMSSMS touch for iPhone and iPod touch
Send fast and comfortable Text Messages in the usual ASPSMS Quality combined with the fancy iPhone style user interface. Landscape keyboard, multiple recipients, deferred delivery - no problem with SMS touch.

glit.App - CRM Software for SMEs
glit.App is the free CRM software for SMEs, private, associations, self-employed and those who want to save your contacts in one place and more.
SMS touch for ASPSMS
ECO-SMS! First in Switzerland!
Send ecological SMS for only 10 rappen! The energy needed to compose it, send it and read your message is fully compensated by clean energy.
MT4 Telegram SignalMT4 Telegram Signal
Tool, which sends selected trades via magic number to telegram channel, sms and email to user.
MSDynamics CybersystemsmscrmSMS

Is an interface between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and
Send Text Messages via Microsoft Dynamics CRM, thank to mscrmSMS the standard AddOn from Cybersystems.
delight Software GmbHdelight software gmbh
has been developing business software since 2000 in the areas of finance and insurance, health, industry, services, crafts, back office and various smaller tools that make everyday computer life easier. (german only)
CRM-/Callcenter-Software AG-VIP SQLCRM- and Callcenter-Software AG-VIP SQL
AG-VIP SQL offers a highly-efficient management tool relating to address information and communication. The free data format with the option of additional relations gives you the opportunity to display additional requirements flexibly.
ASPSMS Widget for MacASPSMS Widget for Mac (Beta)
Once you have installed the simple widget it allows you to sends sms throught your ASPSMS account. The ASPSMS widget is a very helpful daily tool to send simple text sms while you are working at your loved MAC.
Jabber to SMSaspsms-t: sms transport for your xmpp/jabber server
With aspsms-t your jabber users are able to send sms messages through the gateway-system of A lot of networks are supported. Deliver is very fast and will send your users a confirmation jabber message. Jabber users can set their own mobile number as originator. Jabber messages which are longer than the maximum allowed characters of an sms, aspsms-t will split it into a multiple sms. Don´t worry! Special arabic and other oriental characters are supported to a maximum of 87 characters for each message.
Task-BaseTask-Base by sidata. ag
is an easy, but very efficient management and communication system to support the daily operational sequences in your organisation. It helps managing your Tasks, Projects/Processes, Minutes/Decisions, and corresponding Documents. Task-Base can be used as a stand alone system, or integrated into your Microsoft® Outlook and has now a SMS functionality through ASPSMS.
Chatopus SMSChatopus for Palm OS
Sending SMS with your Jabber Client: As an example, we are going to walk you through the process by using Chatopus, which is a Jabber client for Palm OS.
Capturix VideoSpyCapturix VideoSpy
The digital surveillance system is now available for your PC. Capturix VideoSpy is a complete software that combines video surveillance and messaging. With ASPSMS you can receive motion detections directly to your mobile phone.
GenotecSwiss ISP -
ASPSMS is fully integrated within Genotec and may be used directly in the hosting environment without any additional costs. The hosting solutions (shared and dedicated hosting, server colocation) offer an ideal environment for web pages and B2B-applications for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has a wide experience in the Internet business – from the creating of sites and the maintenance of servers to the installation of complete company IT-infrastructure.
SMS MessengerSMS Messenger by VADIAN.NET AG
SMS Community solution for portals with closed user groups. Online subscriptions, address book, multiple SMS, flashing SMS, blinking SMS, credit card payment. An IIS/ASP solution.

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