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Innovative SMS Gateway & Messaging solutions - the SMS solution for your business software and web applications

Add highly reliable SMS functionality to your business software or to your web application. Send SMS to more than 200 countries and 900 mobile networks. You can add any kind of SMS solution very easily with help of ASPSMS SMS API interfaces and without any setup cost. With ASPSMS you will be able to send SMS within minutes after opening your account. We also provide ready to go software, a wide set of sample applications and free source code.

SMS reaches everybody, everywhere, instantly!

Business Cases

  • SMS functionality for your business software, web application & portal
  • Added value for your CRM-solutions
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • Contact Tracing / Onboarding in Clubs, Bars, Events, ...
  • Company internal communication tool
  • Information channel for your clients and partners
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration
  • 2-factor-authentication solutions (mTAN /one-time-password)
  • Realtime SMS-alerts and notifications
  • Re-selling business opportunities

Price facts

  • No setup costs
  • No license costs
  • No monthly costs
  • You just pay a small fee per SMS
  • ASPSMS credits never expire
  • Examine the price list

ASPSMS performance

  • Realtime delivery notification for each SMS
  • Fast delivery within seconds
  • High throughput
  • Worldwide applicable: Asian, Arab & Cyrillic characters
  • Only most reliable operator connections used for worldwide SMS delivery.
  • Professional support
  • 200'000 clients proofed

Swiss quality

  • VADIAN.NET AG is a Swiss company located in Switzerland
  • ASPSMS is a Swiss technology developed in Switzerland
  • All data entered by customers is subject of the strict privacy policies of Switzerland.
  • Highly experienced support team is located in Switzerland

Purpose and business examples for developers

ASPSMS provides excellent and easy to integrate SMS API developer interfaces for your own SMS services.


The ASPSMS JSON API extends the ASPSMS system with a REST interface. From two-factor authentication via ASPTOKEN to Originator unlocking, to voucher handling to individual SMS and SMS broadcasts, all current ASPSMS operations are integrated.

ASPSMS Dot Net Assembly on NuGet

NuGet is a so-called package management system which allows a simple way to manage software components within a development system. Updates can easily be installed and, above all, are held Up-To-Date. is basically platform-neutral, but is used, for example, for the administration of many developing components within Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

SOAP Web Service

The core SMS API to connect to the ASPSMS System and the method of choice for most developers. From SMS-notifications to bulk SMS, anything you can possibly think of, can be implemented with the ASPSMS SOAP interface. All features are supported, such as sending text, unicode or binary SMS, concatenated SMS, ASPTOKEN, request remaining credits, delivery notifications and a lot more.

SMTP / Email to SMS

Send SMS easily by email. Even without programming experience.

Active-X Component

The professional SMS software component based on ActiveX and its related Component Object Model (COM). ASPSMS is most suitable for ASP- and Visual Basic developers and users of Windows-Applications.


Alternatively to the Windows Active-X Component, there is another powerful SMS API the XML-Interface with the same functionalities, which may be used by UNIX/Linux developers. some features

  • Text SMS, Binary SMS, Unicode SMS etc.
  • Concatenated SMS (up to 9 SMS linked together as one SMS, up to 1377 characters)
  • Bulk SMS functionality
  • Personalized bulk SMS deliveries
  • Define an originator for each sent SMS
  • Realtime SMS delivery notifications
  • Intelligent SMS routing which provides best possible delivery quality
  • ASPTOKEN, innovative two-factor authentication method
  • ASPSMS offers the most extensive SMS roaming (over 200 countries and 900 mobile networks)



Here a price example for a high volume SMS client like a marketing company, hosting company or any other type of individual that needs a lot of SMS per month.

Current price list based on: USD
Choose another currency if needed: USD | CHF
Functionality Credits Total Price
Text SMS1 Credit6 US Cent
Binarydata1 Credit6 US Cent
Delivery Notification
(XML, SOAP, dll)
Global Two-Way ServiceDetailsDetails

Functionality Credits Total Price
Text SMS1 Credit6 US Cent
Binarydata1 Credit6 US Cent
Delivery Notification
(XML, SOAP, dll)

FINLAND Elisa Corporation
Functionality Credits Total Price
Text SMS1.5 Credit9 US Cent
Binarydata1.5 Credit9 US Cent
Delivery Notification
(XML, SOAP, dll)

FINLAND Telia Finland
Functionality Credits Total Price
Text SMS1.5 Credit9 US Cent
Binarydata1.5 Credit9 US Cent
Delivery Notification
(XML, SOAP, dll)
Global Two-Way ServiceDetailsDetails

Credit Pricing
Package Pricing
500 Credits 8 US Cent40.00 USD
1000 Credits 8 US Cent80.00 USD
2500 Credits 8 US Cent200.00 USD
5000 Credits 8 US Cent400.00 USD
10000 Credits 7.5 US Cent750.00 USD
25000 Credits 7.5 US Cent1875.00 USD
50000 Credits 6.5 US Cent3250.00 USD
75000 Credits 6.5 US Cent4875.00 USD
100000 Credits 6 US Cent6000.00 USD
Larger QuantitiesPrice on request

Planned Termination Fees (Last update: 13.07.2024)

Finland: Currently there are no new termination fees planned.

Warnings (Last update: 13.07.2024)

There are network operators that already charge termination fees. As we are connected to several operators, we have no termination fees on the following networks. Please always that the following networks may reintroduce termination fees when dealing with us. We will inform you as soon as possible, if such a case arises. If possible we try to announce new termination fees as fast as possible in our "Planned Termination Fees" list.


Available SMS tools and interfaces for ASPSMS in Finland

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Are you still not a client of ASPSMS? Just proceed here to register!
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Check out our new Two-Way SMS Service with global reach! No SIM-cards needed, no setup fee, very fast setup and a very low monthly price per number...
Roaming to other Countries
Our special offer: At no additional costs you get the possibility to send SMS to more than 200 countries.


Supported operators in your country:

Elisa Corporation
Telia Finland