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aspsms.com Newsletter, 02.2010

Customer information

Dear Joachim von Watt

As a registered client of ASPSMS youget the latest information about our newly available SMS applications.


Important announcement:
Short service interruption: 24.02.2010

Due to maintenance works, the ASPSMS System will not be available for maximum 30 minutes on Wednesday, February 24th within the time frame 06:30 - 07:30 AM CET.

ASPSMS 3rd-Party Solution
At this place we sporadically introduce software that implement ASPSMS.

mscrmSMS from Cybersystems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
As certified Microsoft Gold Partner and ISV with Dynamics skills Cybersystems offers integrated solutions for customer management based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Cybersystems has developed several AddOns for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One of them is mscrmSMS which adds Short Message capability to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Starting position:

Do you wish to

  • inform your employees and customers personally about actions, events and escalations via SMS?

  • Provide customer information such as address, telephone number etc. to your employees (who have en-route requested for this information from your in-house service)?


The addon enhances the activity types of Microsoft Dynamics CRM via the SMS channel. The forwarding can be made individually or en masse in the form of a personalized SMS marketing campaign. As regards content

  • free text typed by the sending user

  • information from the CRM system (e.g. address, telephone number of a customer etc.) or

  • template-based, personalized SMS can be sent.
The SMS messages sent are archived in the CRM system of the receivers and/or contacts.




branchenbuch.ch - Domainregistration

branchenbuch.ch - Domainregistration seit 1999

You can also contact us personally, no call centre and no waiting times!

Telephon: +41 (0)44 468 20 20
Telefax: +41 (0)44 468 20 21

List your ASPSMS application at our 3rd-party solutions!

Take the chance and additionally advertise your own ASPSMS based softwaree.g. your content management system or your branch specific solution thatsends SMS through the ASPSMS system on:


That's how it works:

  1. Send us a link or a demo version of your softwarewith the appropriate login data to support@aspsms.com so we cantest your product.

  2. We shall examine your software and let you know if we shall publish it at ASPSMS 3rd-party solutions.Please understand that we can only take well-engineered and error free products into consideration.

  3. If we decide to publish your product, we shall ask you for further information:
    1. Product logo
    2. Product description (title)
    3. Product version
    4. Short description
    5. Detailed product description
    6. Price/currency
    7. Purchase- or download link
    8. Further useful information that helps

    If you have a German documentation, don't hesitate to send it for our German website.

Examples for an listing on ASPSMS 3rd-party solutions:


Seite3.ch - Das Boulevardmagazin

Seite3 - So ehrlich wie Du selbst.

Seite3.ch ist ein Boulevardmagazin der alten Schule. Auf Seite3.ch kommen keine Meldungen, wie sie alle News-Seiten einander abschreiben, sondern die anderen, wirklich spannenden News.

Lesen Sie hier weiter: www.Seite3.ch

Products based on the
ASPSMS system



Credit Warning

werbung.ch - messbar besser
Your contact at werbung.ch:

Ernst J. Boesch  Freddy Prost  Chris Sigrist
Ernst J. Boesch  Freddy Prost  Chris Sigrist

Eichstrasse 25
8045 Zürich

Telefon: +41 (0)44 468 20 20
Telefax: +41 (0)44 468 20 21


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